bra fitting at Sipsey Lingerie

photos by Donata Kukyte


..the door opens and two lovely ladies welcome you with smiling faces and a bottle of Prosecco. bubbles and lingerie - I knew I got to the right place. 

you should remember the name Sipsey as I did a post about nightwear pieces from Sipsey Lingerie a few weeks ago. the same night I also did a professional bra fitting with the lovely Sukhy, the owner of the boutique.

if you haven't had a bra fitting before and wonder what is it like, the process is quite simple. a fitter will take you to a changing room and ask you to go down to your bra while she waits outside. she will ask you when you're ready for her to come in and then comes the process of determining your bra size. after that, the fitter brings a selection of bras for you to try. and once the bra is on, she will assess how it fits, looking at the position of the back band and fit of the cups, and adjusting the straps as necessary.

as you see, there's nothing extraordinary. however having been fitted by an expert and wearing the right bra makes a huge difference. 
you might be sure you're wearing the right size but... around 80 percent of women don't. and apparently I was one of them too. I've done a bra fitting before but it was a while ago and even if I was pretty sure my size has not changed since then, it did. 
for such a small item of clothing, bras can be the hardest to buy. that's why going to someone experienced is the best thing to do. and that is also my main advise on choosing the right bra. 
color, pattern and especially trends are not the most important factors when talking about lingerie - a proper fit is what really matters. after all it's underneath your clothes most of the time, so if you (or your beloved) like that neon green - go on, you have the right!


Sipsey Lingerie boutique in Solihull also offers Bra Fitting Parties. call on 0121 704 3314, invite all your girlfriends and expect a fun and enjoyable night with a bra fitting expert on the side. champagne included, certainly.


all pieces available in store and online at sipseylingerie.com



holiday everyday

a bit of attention - that's all a girl needs. and oh well, a few pieces of clothing or accessories do no harm either. I was kindly surprised the other day when a courier knocked on my door with this huge box in his hands. inside there was the best summer greeting with a swimsuit from Holly & White collection, an ELLE magazine and a lovely beach bag which I'm going to show you later. a perfect combination for a perfect summer day!




the look of 20150703 | NIDA

dress - CLOTHO

photos - Fill The City

coming to Nida for a few days has become a must each summer. it's an exceptional place and I don't think that someone would argue about that.

such place surely requires an adequate outfit too. this silky dress from Decolte boutique is a perfect choice for summer holidays and perfectly matches the atmosphere here.



nightwear: cosy in sipsey

photos - Donata Kukyte

hey! I hope you all are as well as I am. back in my hometown, surrounded by my beloved family, listening to dreamy smooth jazz melodies and eating buckets of ice-cream in the sun. I call it rehab and that's exactly what I needed.

however it turns out that such environment isn't very blogger-friendly. the minute I come back home I completely forget about all social media profiles and electronic devices. but! I'm trying to solve this personal issue and here I am, sharing my thoughts about nightwear with you, guys.

how important is lounge wear / nightwear? for me (especially after spending three days at my parents house) both lounge wear and nightwear play a very significant part in my life.
you probably follow my blog, so you should know that my everyday style is not always very feminine. although, when it comes to nightwear, my romantic side wins over and silk, lace or flowery patterns are things I go for first.

couple of weeks ago I visited Sipsey Lingerie for an arranged personal bra fitting (the post will follow!). the boutique opened just a month ago however they started with a bang. a variety of quality lingerie brands, hosiery, shapewear and the most beautiful nightwear and lounge wear pieces - everything can be found in there. 
as you see, during my visit I also tried on few pieces myself. cosy in Sipsey!

/ all items available at Sipsey Lingerie boutique 39 Drury Lane, Solihull /

..and that was pt. 1. the second part will be on blog in a while! get ready for some delicacy as the post will be about bra fitting and how to find that perfect one. I'm off to Nida now, so you can expect something more vacation related soon!