the look of 20150608 | easy breezy white

sunglasses - H&M, shirt - vintage, shoes - Otre (Danija), watch - Daniel Wellington, skirt - vintage

I hope you all are having a great sunny Monday! weather couldn't be more perfect and it'd be a shame to waste it, so I decided to dress up in white. 
this skirt is definitely not a piece of my everyday clothing. it's pretty comfy but you have to be a lady non-stop while wearing it. meaning you have to walk in tiny steps and it's highly recommended not to eat burgers or five pieces of cake too. plus this is a leather skirt which means it's too hot to wear it in the middle of summer and it's white, so I don't feel like wearing it a lot during winter. in summary, all these factors make it a very occasional skirt. however today I felt like it's an ideal day to go for it and being inspired by the latest Thakoon Resort collection, I paired the skirt with white banded vintage shirt. 
I'm quite happy about this look and would also love to hear your opinion on it. 
speak to you soon!