the look of 20150122 | silky + heavy

watch - Daniel Wellington, coat - Paul Costelloe, shorts - Cow vintage, sunglasses - H&M, scarf - vintage, shoes - Primark, white top - 2nd hand, clutch - Ginatricot

photos - Basia Pawlik

trust me, there is always a way to make your outfit more summery.
do it my way, if you like: let the wind to mess up your hair, put on some silky garments and don't forget to take your sunglasses with you. even if it's not to sunny, wear them until it starts to rain.

you may say I must be cold but there is no other piece of clothing that could warm me up more than this coat - the material does it's job.
and there is another reason, why I love it so much. every time my hand slips in a pocket, I find a little stone there from a very special person. which makes me smile like a fool and what could be better than that?

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  1. Labai gražu!

    Taip pat daug fainiau žiūrėti ne vieną nuotrauką, o daugiau!


    1. na užuominą supratau :D