ins inspo

you'll barely ever see me scrolling down my facebook wall. I'm pretty crucial with this one, my relationship with facebook is very functional.
however instagram is a different thing. 
these instagram profiles are like reminders. I have one for every situation in life.


@tuulavintage - when you're wondering, how a perfect careless life looks like. reminds me I don't have one. 

@alixheruphoto - for sarcastic point of view. reminds me not to care about things too much.

@tasyavanree - for a bit of art, a bit of style, a bit of everyday life - everything in a flawless aesthetic. reminds me to be creative.

@chungalexa - for some chung. she's just inspiring herself.

@gabijavarnaite - gorgeous selfies and daily life. reminds me to take care of my self (pluck my eyebrows, drink more water, do some lunges - anything).

@facehunter - for all different kind of people and great destinations. reminds me how colorful and beautiful world is.

@pirett - for sth very bloger-ish. reminds me I haven't posted anything for god knows how long.

@love_aesthetics - for ultimately minimal and clean visuals. reminds me to clean up my space and my head, as well.

@lieparau - it's a very honest instagram. reminds me to be honest. and Liepa is beaufitul, obviously. 


also, i would love to hear what instagram accounts are your favorite! you have loads of space below, use it, share your love.


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