amande amande, beauty is a beast!

this time of a year is pretty intense. working on my installation for the graduation thesis assertion takes away pretty much all of my free-time. however, i still manage to find a spare hour for some pleasing things like L'Occitane brunch at Raw Raw. 

during the lovely chat with some other lithuanian bloggers, L'Occitane team told us all about almond, its benefits for the skin and also presented the almond program for beautiful legs.

according to the description, Almond Beautiful Shape helps to visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite and slim the thighs and buttocks, while smoothing and firming the skin. sounds great, right? of course, you will not get the ultimate result just by using the gel. it must be combined with massages, contrast showers and exercising, as well.
 i'm using this product just for a few days now, yet my skin is much softer and more firm already! i'm definitely adding this reshaping gel to my favorite beauty products.
 more impressions later, i'm really curious about the slimming effect, haha.

beautiful legs is a summer's must-have, isn't it? 


read about L'Occitane Almond program HERE or ask about it in one of the L'Occitane salons 


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