and powerful

I'm not much into colors right now. Especially in photography. I were red lipstick more often than never, I feel great in a red dress, but when it comes to photography I'm for b/w. I know, that it's harder to see details of the outfit, but it's just a period, I think. Although I always loved b/w photography. It's not pessimistic at all. To me it's classy and fabulous. And powerful. And that's exactly how I'm feeling right now.

photos by Gabija Kartovickyte



my work // Paulina test

shots from Paulina's test.

photographer - Ieva Ukanyte
styling/make up - Ieva Ukanyte
model - Paulina Kaziukonyte
skirt - Decolte


evening so calm

Evenings like this, just laying down, watching movies and retouching photos, resemble me all the evenings that were the opposite to calm. All great parties with happy people dancing around. And then I remembered this video from a party this March in Studio 9. I think of it as a greatest party in this place. MoveD is a great dj, this interview is sth to listen at, as well.

Happy people, great music and me in a sparkling blouse inside this video. Enjoy it!



sfidare te stesso

Ciao! Summer is almost over and that's sad, but my holidays are not! I still have time to do sth for myself. To learn Italian is sth I've been dreaming about for a really long time. This winter I did a course for beginners in the academy. Which is clearly not enough.
The best way to learn sth is by combining it with sth you love, right? So, Italian Vogue is on the window sill and an old Italian movie '8 1/2' ('otto e mezzo')  is downloaded (you see stills from the movie below).
I'm ready to overcome this challenge!

Share your experience about learning languages. All advices are accepted! 



shaggy shaggy

A little bit sleepy, a little bit shaggy. A little bit windy in my hometown. And even if it's a little bit cold here, I don't feel that cold at all. I'm spending amazing time here, feeling the heat in my heart. 



slow and warm and quiet Sunday

That was a really quiet day! I went out for a walk with a friend and it felt like I was walking in my hometown. Almost no sounds, only a few people in streets.. But I really liked it, everything looked very beautiful without crowds. 

And this look is actually about cutting things off. That's my new obsession, I think. Even my sister have noticed that. Who needs long-sleeved jacket during such summer - I say. Right, this waist was a jacket few days ago. During that day, I cut off more of my clothes - will show you later!

Photos by Ovidijus Maslovas




model: Julija Gradauskaite
designer: Gertruda Ramunaite
photographer: Ieva Ukanyte

 Some pics from unpublished spring photoshoot.