a trashy pleasure | vol. 2

Well well well. Once upon a time, there lived a girl. With hair Harlow gold and lips a sweet surprise. 
This sentence was actually just for me. I don't think that nobody else could understand what I really meant. 

Anyway, it's 4th of July already (cheers for all who are celebrating today). Last month I promised to make a monthly post of trashy webcam photos. I like to keep my promises, I really do, it's just so hard! So I'm making this post for  'A Trashy Pleasure' series now. Better later than never, right? 

I really thought, that summer will be the season when I'll have enough time for everything: DIY's, daily posts, myself, my friends and family and photography as well. Now I see I must rethink that. I will. And also I'll try to plan my time for all those things and my job at icehouse, too. 

Wait for a miracle, you might see one.


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