I.VO - that's who I am

The Craze? Who's The Craze? I'm not her. And I think I never was. It was just a name created for blog and I don't even remember why I've chosen it. 
The more I think, the more ridiculous this name sounds to me. I.VO is the name that I really feel for. I used it for me as a photographer but I.VO actually describes almost eerything I do in my life. Ieva - Voracious Observer, a crane, a bird that lives inside me and enforces me to do what I do. 

So, from now on, forget The Craze and meet I.VO 
and be sure - here you'll find much more than my teasing face



  1. i like it a lot !!!! :) beje, puikiai rasai angliskai, ziauriai gerai skaitosi :))