black does it

Black jacket is sth I must always have in my closet. It does its job every time. Of course it's not sth very original but who cares about sth unusual when the weather is like shit and your mood is no good as well. 

Right now my life is sth strange. I'm doing things but still don't know what is more important. I  really hope to figure this out. The sooner the better!

And here is sth that describes my mood. Enjoy.



raspberries can't wait

Happy Bloggers' Day!

Doesn't feel like writing today, getting ready for Sūpynės festival this weekend. Will you be there??



my work // THE LOOK


This is a photo from my latest work for designer Audrone Kelpsaite, called THE LOOK. I had a really great time working with this designer, model, makeup artist and amazing assistants. 
Well, this is just one pic, COME HERE to see the rest of them.

model: Meda Taleikytė
 make up: Brigita Možeikaitė
 photographer: Ieva Ukanytė
 designer: Audronė Kelpšaitė
 assistants: Ugnė Martinaitytė, 
Tomas Baranauskas



happy one


oh yeah oh yeah, only one exam is left! I think that's exactly why I'm so happy in the last photo. Or maybe because these photos was made after I bought a pretty pair of earings and a beautiful belt in flea market.

This is my typical Sunday outfit. Comfy denim, comfy sweater, comfy (very!) heals and glasses that hide my no make up after party face. 

This is it for now. Have a nice a day, have a nice week.



beauty, I'm the beast


photos by me
make up - Gintarė Perminaitė



smalltown chill

This weekend was really great! I went to my hometown to see off my little sister (not so little for others - she's 18) who are in Birmingham already for the summer. So gonna miss her!

Rolling in the grass, laying in front of sun, eating and sleeping - it was a real smalltown chill. It was quite hard to leave  - like never before.

But here, in Vilnius, everything is great, as well! Diferrent, of course. There are less grass, trees and less summer here, but I have tons of things to do! Photoshoot on Wednesday, few exams left and many other things that are in my plans. Busy busy girl.


easter coming to metal jungle

This morning started with buying train tickets to Vilnius and a lovely email in my inbox from madosknyga.lt. All this week you could see me in the first line of the book. Thanks for the admins who have chosen me, I feel really great seeing myself there.