the doors are blue. behind them - an old kangaroo

photos by Evelina D.

Sunday mornings are always strange ones for me. You wake up (it's good if you do wake up still in the morning) with a schedule for the next week and a to do list for Sunday on your mind already, but you have all the memories of last week as well. Usually it's sth about: "why I did so few last week, it's so much left to do!" And that's excatly my today's mood. Fast coming deadlines make me feel already dead, 24 hours a day isn't enough for me!

While yesterday was an easy sunny day. Almost like summer. Starting with a great run by the river and Fionn Regan voice, the day was perfect already. I guess it was the warmest and the sunniest day this spring, so there just couldn't be anything wrong. Street style hunting went great, a day time rave at Soulbox was quite an ending as well!


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