September the 1st

photo by Viktorija Burlakina

I just came here for a minute to congratulate all the students that have just started their school year!

Obviously here I'm the one that haven't. And somehow this makes me very depressive. Everyone is celebrating their joy somewhere/somehow/with someone while I decided to spent this day with music, some movies and my dog (the only one that is always aside).
 I remember I had the same mood last year on September 1st. I also remember that I ended the night drinking beer with some guys in the bar. So, a good movie seems to be the best activity for me! 

Since I'm depressive,  I need some light drama/comedy/or sth. 'Friend with Benefits' is in my list today. I think that's the movie I wouldn't watch twice, so it should be the perfect choice for the September the 1st - the most depressive day of the year.

Btw, October 1 will be the day when I'm starting the studies. And this day is going to be veery special! 

I love you, I hate you and I'm always with you! 


  1. Friends with benefits vakar kaip tik ziurejau ir labai patiko! Antra karta paziureti ji noreciau labiau nei Bad teacher, kuris irgi sykiu isejes i eteri:)

  2. Bad Teacher.. pažiūrėjau trailer'į ką tik. Ir manau nesisiųsiu, kadangi jaučiuosi pamačiusi viską ir per tas kelias minutes ;))
    O Friends with Benefits toks kaip ir tikėjausi :) Lengvas, visai smagus, antrą kartą žiūrėt tingėčiau :)