dark blue sky

Here are some snaps to show you my today's outfit and my latest DIY - that flowery purse I made yesterday. 

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changing is everything

And here I am. Starting a new blog. Again. When I think about it, first thing that comes to my mind is: why I am still doing that? Nothing actually keeps me doing this stuff and I could be satisfied enough without blogging. Or I couldn't be. That's the thing. I believe there are things that you just do, without big considerations. You do that because you feel that you should.
Lots of things are changing in my my life cardinally right now. Most of them are big changes inside my minds and that's one of the reasons why I've started this new blog. So, this time I'll try to do it in a quite  different way. I don't know, if it's gonna work out for me, but I really want to try and to make this try perfect.  I just know it's worth it.
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